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Extramural soccer at Laurier Brantford is growing in popularity. There was a tremendous turnout  this year and especially among women, according to captain Lauren Hutton.

“The turnout was great for both genders but, there was definitely an increase in the amount of females showing interest this year as compared to last year. I think this is important for the future of Laurier Brantford’s Women’s soccer team,” says Hutton.

The upcoming season is projected to be a great success for the Laurier Brantford soccer program. The co-ed men’s and women’s teams are all filled with committed, skilled team players who want to get out there and play for Laurier, according to Hutton.

“I believe we will face tough competition, but we have strong enough squads to put Laurier Brantford soccer on the map,” says Hutton

Lauren Hutton and fellow captain, Kamden Holder were able to work with Lynne Gulliver and Greg Stewart in choosing the best squads for this year. According to Holder, the team is definitely one to watch out for.

“The team is a combination of skill, speed, strength and just pure athleticism. When we are firing on all cylinders, we will be dangerous,” says Holder.

The players this year are aiming to work on their ball control and passing skills. They are determined to impose their style of play against opponents and keep them on their toes. The teams also possess a variety of players with versatile assets that will also contribute to making a well-rounded team.

Another big advantage the Laurier teams have this year is chemistry among the players.

“Almost all of the players we have play high level soccer outside of school and most of the players are familiar with each other from last year,” says Holder, “This should give us a big advantage as team chemistry is so beneficial in soccer.”

The team also plans on entering some tournaments this season in order to hone their skills. “This coming season we are looking to enter three tournaments and come out on top,” Holder explains, “We are in two co-ed tournaments and one men’s tournament. We are currently looking up a few women’s tournaments or exhibition games with surrounding teams.”

This year looks to be a challenge for the Golden Hawks, but everyone is ready to elevate their games and meet them head on. The chemistry is good, the skills are great, and the teams will not fail to entertain this season.

Both the captains and the players want to encourage Laurier Brantford students to come out and support their teams.

Students can check out the team’s Facebook page, “Laurier Brantford Soccer” or follow them on Twitter @LBfordSoccer for schedules, pictures, videos, news and updates .

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