Interesting travelling stories from Laurier Brantford students

The Laurier Brantford campus is filled with many avid travellers; many of whom had some interesting experiences on their travels. 


Sasha Jaglal a Human Rights student shares her crazy Bamboo Cathedral story, when she was hiking in Trinidad.


“We were at the Bamboo Cathedral; it was pouring rain like buckets and buckets and there were lots of people on this trail. So, after my cousin poured us all coffee, we started our hike.”


Many interesting people were out and about on the trail that day, as Jaglal recalls some events.


“As soon as we got to the starting point, there were a bunch of kids – on bikes coming our way. We continued walking and we see two couples, they were proposing and they even had a fake ceremony as a part of the surprise. 


“We continue walking and then on the path there was a kid who was celebrating his birthday. There was cake and games and everything set up, on the path.”


“After some time, we came down and there was a woman taking a naked photoshoot in the middle of the forest, with a professional team. She had a team of people. Having a full-on photoshoot with her hair and makeup done and everything. And that was the end of the trail.” 


Third year Digital Media and Journalism student Liz Shiro remembers a trip that was very spontaneous. 


 “I decided to drop everything and I just bought a plane ticket to England where my aunt lives.My main priority to visit her and to de-stressed but also I wanted to go and explore smaller places in England and around the UK


“I ended up visiting about six little towns and we also spontaneously went to Scotland and Greece and it was quite intense.” 


“The first day I arrived to London I found out that we are going to Scotland on the  same day. We went to Kings Cross and we took a train just like in Harry Potter … and we were off on the train.”


“We arrive to Edinburgh … the birthplace of Harry Potter and I had no idea about this. So literally my entire trip was Harry Potter related. 


“We were there for three days. We went to the cafe where Harry Potter was first written by J.K Rowling, we went around saw the lock ness lake . We went back to England and took off to my own adventure by myself.” 


Amanda Lockhart a Bachelor of Arts student shares her experience while visiting the Amazon rainforest. 


“We went on a five-week trip across the world and we got to the Amazon jungle and we did this thing called the tree of lodge. We were in the middle of the Amazon jungle and we had to tie our own treehouse.”


“On the way there, we were flying Air Canada and they ended up losing my luggage. Where we were grabbing our luggage, they had my mums and my brothers but they didn’t have mine. Obviously, it was a problem because I was going to be in the middle of nowhere for an entire week.”


She went on the flight to the rainforest without her luggage.


“When we got there, we drove to this village and then from there we were going to take another boat ride for about an hour-and-a-half boat ride to where this treehouse was.”


“When we got to the village, we had about an hour to kill so our tour guide said ‘oh this is perfect for you; we can just go shopping for you.’”


She thought this was an interesting opportunity since they could go right into the village and meet a lot of different people.


The unexpected and spontaneous trips are the ones these students have memories of and look back on them fondly. 


“Just realising that things were going to turn out like the way we planned, ultimately it turned out better,” said Lockhart.


Jaglal hopes “to take a Europe trip one day.” 


While Lockhart expresses her desire to go to Iceland. 


 “My next trip is France and I’ve been to Paris when I was younger but I’ve never been outside of Paris so I’m excited to go out and try new experiences,” said Shiro. 


One place or activity you’d like to recommend to your fellow Laurier students.


Based on her experiences Lockhart suggested visiting the Amazon rainforest. She said, I like the different places I went to for different reasons, but being in the Amazon jungle is a really interesting and exciting experience because I got to go do jungle walks through the amazon forest, hunt, see sloths and all the different animals in the Amazon.” 


Shiro recommended “going to Edinburgh and going to Nicolson’s café and ordering carrot cake with English breakfast tea and milk.”

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