Hufflepuff is the greatest house at Hogwarts

I’m sick of people saying Hufflepuffs are whoozies and I’m tired of stuck-up sacs of scum calling our sacred badgers pushovers. This cocky world would be nowhere without our humble Hufflepuffs. Nowhere.

Hufflepuffs share the common values of loyalty, hard work, kindness and fair play. I literally do not know what is even the slightest bit shameful about that. I would rather have friends with these traits than friends that carry anything else. Yes, Gryffindors will go with you to that party. Sure, Ravenclaws will tell you how to pass that test. Of course, Slytherins will help you plot revenge on the one who did you wrong. But Hufflepuffs? Dude, they’ll give you a lifetime of showing they truly care about you.

Hufflepuffs being cute and fluffy is already enough, but there’s even more beneath the surface that’s worth noting. These characteristics aren’t talked about in the books, so let me expand on why our strong, golden angels are God’s well-rounded gift to Earth.

1. HUMBLE COURAGE. This isn’t the same, explicit kind of courage Gryffindors carry. J.K. Rowling pointed out in an interview that the Battle of Hogwarts is a perfect example of Hufflepuff boldness. The Gryffindors fought alongside Harry because they felt they needed to prove their bravery. Some of the Ravenclaws helped, but a lot of them sat out because they felt not getting involved was the wise thing to do. The Hufflepuffs, however — almost ALL of them — fought with Harry because they’re loyal. That’s real bravery right there. 

  1. HARMONIOUS WISDOM. Hufflepuffs are able to see and learn the value in everybody. When founding her house, Helga Hufflepuff said, “I’ll teach the lot and treat them just the same.” Right from the start, Hufflepuffs didn’t care if someone wasmuggle-born or pureblood. Who even cared? If they were all witches and wizards, then so what. Gryffindors and Ravenclaws soon caught on to this wise way of thinking and joined the fight for muggle-born rights. Especially these days, the world places a lot of emphasis on equality. If Hufflepuffs are doing what we’re always fighting for, why in Dumbledore’s name are we against them? 
  2. HEALTHY AMBITION. Makes me think of CedricDiggory. Successful fellow, and gets to where he wants to be in a healthy way. He’s handsome, intelligent, athletic and chivalrous, but stays modest while he achieves it all. Cedric doesn’t believe he’s any better than anyone else and nor does he think he deserves success any more than his peers. When Harry became a contender alongside him in the Triwizard Tournament, Cedric didn’t try to discourage or shoot Harry down. Instead he shrugged his shoulders, quietly did his thing and carved his own path to the trophy.

    Hufflepuffs know how to do it all and they know how to do it right. Their signature colour might be yellow, but deep down these pups are the whole rainbow.

    Rowling says we should all want to be Hufflepuffs. Yo, I could not agree more. Hufflepuffs are the absolute greatest beings to ever set foot on this sickly polluted sphere. They know how to carry courage, wisdom, ambition and especially kindness, loyalty, hard work and fair play, all bundled into one, and all expressed in noble ways.

    We all know Nymphadora Tonks, right? Most amazing person ever. Can transform her features at will, innocently clumsy, not afraid to talk to anyone. The best part? She’s a Hufflepuff.

    Futhermore, all the best people in my personal life are badgers. My mom’s a Hufflepuff, my roommate’s a Hufflepuff, my boyfriend’s a Hufflepuff, most of my friends are Hufflepuffs. I’m literally warning you now: if you ever insult a Hufflepuff in front of me . . . run. 



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