Dodgeball team victim to poor refereeing in final tournament

The extramural dodgeball team was in action last Friday in their final tournament of the year at George Brown College. Despite everything riding on this tournament it would be poor refereeing that would steal the show.

The Golden Hawks hit the court against their first opponent from Seneca King. The team made swift work of Seneca, dismantling them easily 7-1.

In their second game the Golden Hawks took on Boreal College and they did not slow down. The team stuck to the game plan that worked perfectly against Seneca and it didn’t fail them as Laurier Brantford rolled over Boreal College winning 6-0.

Unfortunately, it was after these two very strong games that the wheels started to come off for Laurier. In their third game Laurier took on Humber  Lakeshore, and although it was a very close game the Hawks came up short.

Despite the loss in their third game the Hawks claimed a birth in the semi-finals.  Unfortunately their next game was against a strong Humber North team. The Hawks came out strong and tried to keep to their game plan, but it wasn’t enough as Humber North took the contest 5-3.

Although they lost their final two games of the tournament, the team believes that they were on the wrong side of some poor refereeing. Team co-captain Michelle Anger believes the refs weren’t calling the games fairly.

“The reffing was bad, the refs did not know the rules and even had to pull out the rule sheet during one game as they did not know what the rule was. Sometimes they would call someone on our team out for something and the other team would do the exact same thing but not be out,” said Anger.

Despite the poor refereeing and an early exit at the tournament, Anger was still very proud of the way the team played and that the team’s communication was strong.

“I think we all played well this tournament, playing better as a team and having good communication. We would all determine who we were going to throw at and go together instead of just throwing at whoever,”said Anger.

Extramural dodgeball has come to an end for another year for Laurier Brantford and despite not bringing home a first place finish it was a season that Anger believes was full of fun and good times.

“The tournaments were fun and because each tournament most of the same teams were there we got to know the other teams and always had a great time at the tournaments even though it got competitive at times,” said Anger.

Laurier Brantford will hope for better things again next year and with most of the team returning, more strong finishes could be in the team’s future.

“We have all returning players next year except for Eric Freeman so we can improve even more for next year,” said Anger.

So, stayed tuned for next year’s team. They are quickly becoming one to be reckoned with on the extramural scene.

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