Christmas Overload: Too Early for Celebrations?

It’s that time of year again, when the crisp wind sends chills down your spine and the air is filled with holiday cheer. The Halloween decorations come down and the Christmas lights are put up. It’s no longer appropriate to dress up and scare small children but rather ask what Santa is bringing them for being a good little boy or girl.

Although it’s only November and it feels as though Halloween was just celebrated, the seasons have changed and Christmas is everywhere. Malls are already taking advantage of the holiday by playing Christmas music and promoting holiday sales.  Many people are annoyed by this early push of the Christmas season and see it as a marketing tool. However, there is more to this holiday than spending money and giving into commercial products. It’s a time of love, family and cheerfulness.

Laurier student Danielle Bergeron isn’t one of those people that gets annoyed and feels like Christmas is over commercialized. She gets an early start on the season by getting into Christmas mode as soon as Halloween is over, on Nov. 1.

“ I take down my Halloween decorations and my Christmas decorations go up. I don’t care what anyone says, it’s not too early for me. I like it, there’s nothing really wrong with that,” says Bergeron.

Christmas is that one time of year where everything puts a smile on your face and everyone can’t help but feel a little jollier. It should be a time of relaxation, not stressing over what to buy.

“ I guess it kind of is commercialized when you look at how people spend so much, but that’s not why I like Christmas,” explains Bergeron. “ I like the time, it’s just a very happy time to me. I like all the music it’s very relaxing. It’s a time of friendship and caring. I like what it represents,” continues Bergeron.

For university students, Christmas is that light at the end of the tunnel. The excitement for Christmas is what gets students through studying and writing exams. Students get to go home to family, friends and baked Christmas goodies. Christmas holidays allow students to take that well deserved mental break and relax with nothing other than holiday spirit on the mind.

You can’t help but feel like a child again around the Christmas holidays. There is something magical in the air. Whether it’s the first snowfall, family tobogganing trip or snuggling up with that special someone near the fire and watching classic Christmas movies, this holiday has something for everyone to enjoy. There is no need to let this cheerful holiday become too commercialized and branded. It’s the time of year where family is important and traditions come alive.

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