Canadian spring fashion hits Toronto

Photo by Madison Hawkins

Canadian fashion designers rocked the runway at World MasterCard Toronto Fashion Week, taking place Oct. 22-26.  New 2013 spring lines flooded Toronto with edge, colour, and sophistication. Guests enjoyed shows large and small, of new up and coming designers, as well as those Canadian brands already established in the fashion world.

David Peacaut Square was flooded with fashion lovers admiring the works of designers from inside and out of the tent. The tent was filled with excitement in addition to the music of DJ Bellosound.  As the music pumped, guests could enjoy getting pampered at either of the Essie nails or Maybeline makeup booths, with a glass of champagne in hand. It was a classy event, where fashionistas of all kinds could admire the new looks of spring while the leaves of autumn were falling outside.

The hottest new brand of denim, Triarchy hit the Canadian runway on the Thursday, Oct. 25. It was the Vancouver born brand’s second solo show, where sibling designers, Adam, Ania and Mark Taubenfligel, created a fun, fashion forward show.

“For us, it’s really important not to take runway too seriously. I find a lot of runway shows are very monotone, stone faced models and what not.”
Shared clothing designer, Adam. “So we like to have fun with it. We usually do a little skit and tell the girls to have fun. Think more Victoria Secret than Prada,” he continued.

Models took charge of the runway in new bleached out denim, colourful metallics, cut off jean shorts, spring coloured denim, gold studded denim and, of course, the high wasted jean trademark.

Designer Ania impressed denim lovers by walking the runway herself in just a black bra, gold chain and of course her high wasted, thigh lined gold studded jeans—that made her appear 6ft tall. Her confidence and crazy smirk as she strutted her stuff, highlighted the brand’s unique and authentic style.

The show went off without a hitch, which can only be an indication of the future potential of this promising brand.

“We definitely want to grow, we want to move beyond the small boutiques and move to larger retailers. We are really excited to talk to stores like The Bay and Nordstrom, when we are ready to.” Explains Adam. “That requires a lot of different ways in which we do business, so those are the things that we are working on,” he added.

Celebrities such as True Blood’s Jessica Clark and Gillian Zinser from 90210  have been spotted wearing Triarchy jeans, but that doesn’t mean that the sibling power team are abandoning their Canadian, down-to-earth values.

“When we started moving down to the states, [we found it to be] a very different market. It’s very celebrity driven. We had a PR company come to our show last season and they wanted to talk to us about doing celebrity placements for the brand and start getting it noticed on that level. We really liked that they came to us and that we didn’t go to them, it was really organic,” says Adam.

“So it’s not like we just send jeans to stars, we actually have a relationship through that PR Company and it just makes it a bit more real,” added designer Adam. “We don’t just want to be like, ‘oh whoever can wear them, gets them.’ We like to choose and pick people that resonate with the brand and that are nice,” he continued to explain.

It has taken extreme dedication of all three designers in this family line to help get their foot into the fashion world. Despite having a slow start, the brand has started to become widely known especially following last year’s Fashion Week in Toronto.

From new high wasted, studded jeans to the newest spring coloured jeans, Triarchy denim is a brand to look out for. They are going to take on the fashion world at full force and won’t stop until everyone is living in their trademark ‘T’ jeans. With big dreams of expanding the brand, Triarchy is here to stay.

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