Breaking down the first year frame

This is but a breath, but a moment, but a glimpse into eternity. There is time to stumble, to stutter and to start again.

The task of entering university can be daunting, leaving behind all that is familiar in the hopes of cultivating dreams and desires that have long been built upon in the proceeding years of your educational career.

However, this pressure is often constructed on unstable ground, and because of this many such fears go unrealized. Your professors wish for your success as surely as yourself, and so do not fear asking questions or conveying struggles.

The idea of participation, often holding a large percentage of your grades in order to convey your comprehension of the subject material, can be accomplished or navigated through coherent conversations and in certain circumstances, email submissions.

Do not think that you are unable, rather, think of ways in which your success can be enabled without dismantling your confidence too quickly through brute force and pressure.

Be gentle, kind and slow with yourself, as mistakes made are not a symbol of a loss to, or of yourself, but rather a lifting and restructuring of your consciousness. The process of learning is accompanied by contrasts, so that the feelings of frustration and defeat can lead you closer to your centre and success.

It is through this process that you construct a self-perception based upon what resonates and aligns, rather than that which has been placed upon you. Feel free to dismantle, to change and to grow; welcoming the fears, falls and failures of the process.

Feelings of discomfort, when viewed through the lens of intuition, are oftentimes a signal of growth as you adjust to new atmospheres and ways of being. Instead of turning from such experiences, place yourself within them: acknowledge the discomfort and step towards it; and, before you know it, the discomfort will have passed. It may take some time, but it will pass eventually. It always does.

Attachment to circumstances does not change it and so, instead of engulfing emotions, embrace them, but do not allow them to consume you. When your inner world becomes too much, place yourself at a distance and view it as though foreign with the blessings of perspective.

Living is a process of learning, and so do not assume that others have it conquered. The only comparison needed is within the parts of yourself you wish to develop or dismantle. However, do not confine yourself to the safety of this solitude.

Do not lessen and do not shrink in the shadows of others: your voice and authenticity is valid, and its projection is a light in which others can gain warmth. Search for these lights and, through alignment, a community will quickly be created.

It starts with yourself, but the creation of community is a valuable connection and will enhance all others, when chosen consciously.

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