Black History Month at Laurier Brantford

Photo Contribution by Serena Anagbe

Last month was February and Black History Month, a month dedicated to the learning and remembering of our Black communities.   

After some research and speaking with Brianna Alexander, the co-president for the Black Student Collective here at Wilfrid Laurier University Brantford, I have found out about a bunch of events, courses and information available in our community.   

The school has some academic courses that are offered throughout the year and there is also a page on the Laurier website dedicated to students sharing their stories. Now, it is not directly related to Black History Month, but it is still something special that the school has that many of us probably did not know about.   

There are many events held here on the Brantford campus that are available to all students during and outside of Black History Month. There are events relating to the different parts of Black histories, traditions and communities. Some of these events are offered over Zoom and some are in-person to make them accessible to all.   

The Black Student Collective had their Annual Black History Month Gala, “An All Black Affair” on Feb. 17. The night was a great success and you can find some fabulous photos from the event on their Instagram account, @bsc.laurier.  

As well, the Centre for Student Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (CSEDI) and Laurier International collaborated on a drop-in lunch, which included many different foods from Nigeria, South Africa and Ethiopia to bring a taste of Black history and culture to campus for all to learn and appreciate.  

After speaking with Alexander, I learned that I am not the only one who did not know that some of these events and other opportunities were available to us on the Brantford campus.   

The support of the student body is not there for these events. After talking with Alexander, we do not know if people are just not wanting to come out to the events or if they do not know when or what they are.    

A way that we could maybe reach more people is possible through advertisements on the school broadcasting system, the one we see on the TV in the Research and Academic Centre, or even through our bi-weekly email blast. The school has resources they could be using to make more events known to the student body or even tell us how to contact or use these resources for ourselves.    

Hopefully, more of us are in attendance at these important events and can support our fellow students and honour what Black History Month represents and encourages here at Laurier Brantford.  

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