2016 was the year of the blown lead

Imagine being at the top of your professional career, moments away from winning it all. Now imagine blowing that moment in the most horrendous way possible, and there you have the biggest theme presented in the sports world in 2016: blown leads. Now I don’t mean those who lose by the mere last few plays, I’m talking about teams who basically had it in the bag but couldn’t carry it through the last couple of steps. Your big winners, or should I say losers, of 2016 are the Oklahoma City Thunder, Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Indians.

Now, who amongst them is the biggest loser of 2016? Let’s recap the results: Your first contestant had the best record in NBA history, surpassing the previous record held by the Chicago Bulls in 1995-96.  This team had the back to back league MVP and were breaking numerous records day in and day out. I’m of course talking about the Golden State Warriors, who lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers after leading the series 3-1.

A crucial moment in the series was losing Draymond Green for game five, which ultimately lead to Lebron James dropping 41 points with 16 rebounds and seven assists. Golden State missed Green more than James misses his hairline, but that’s beside the point.

Love him or hate him, you have to respect what he did in the finals averaging 29/11/8 and having one of the best blocks I have ever seen in game seven to cap his third championship. Kyrie Irving also did his thing in the series, averaging 27 points and being responsible for the game winning three in game seven of the NBA finals. This duo certainly outdueled the “splash bros” in the finals, and deserved to win its first ever NBA championship. It only took them 47 years so I mean, the Raptors still have a chance, right?

Second up to bat, Francisco Lindor, will he clutch it for his squad; no scratch that, for this city? Nope, the Cleveland Indians choked after being up 3-1 in the MLB finals. Another Cleveland team or as they like to call it “Believeland”, had a chance to make it a magical year for the city, winning two major sports championships would make it big for the city. If this won’t increase their tourist rates, I don’t know what will.

Unfortunately, the Indians didn’t have LeBron James playing for them, and choked their 3-1 lead. To be fair, the Indians played a magnificent game seven, forcing extra innings. Rajai Davis hit a three run home run, in the bottom of the eighth to make things interesting but the Cubs had the momentum on their side winning to end their 108 year World Series drought. Shout out to Michael Lee for predicting them to win this year, when did he make his prediction? 1996. Now all I need is next year’s lottery ticket numbers and I’m set.

Now the final team: the Oklahoma City Thunder, the underdogs, yet not so much underdogs; since they have two phenomenal players. Well, they had two phenomenal players (cue the sad walking away music). Yes the Oklahoma City Thunder blew another 3-1 lead, this time to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Western Conference Finals.

Oklahoma had their way in the first couple of games. Even though Durant and Westbrook had good stats, dropping 30 and 27 points respectively, they couldn’t find shots in the fourth quarter losing in game seven. You know the saying, if you can’t beat em, join em. Apparently, Kevin Durant had this tattooed on his lower back or something and decided to join the Golden State Warriors, leaving OKC after nine years. Savagery, I don’t know who feels worse, Russell Westbrook or Klay Thompson, for getting fewer touches during games now.  All I know is that Durant made himself the newest villain in the NBA, only to make Westbrook the newest superhero. Westbrook as Ben Affleck’s batman? That would be scary on the court.

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