Chandler Berardi

First years really want a bus

First year students continue to fight for a closer Laurier community. Shortly after meeting during O-Week, Ethan Luke and Abigail Topolski created a petition directed at the president of Laurier, Dr. Max Blouw, for a bus that would travel between […]

“There’s no sense in complaining”

  Not surprisingly, students represent the lowest per cent of voters. According to Statistics Canada, only 50 per cent of people age 18-24 voted in 2011. Laurier Brantford students expressed their concerns about the lack of attention and drive their […]

Breaking The Ice With Your Ice Breakers

Shannon Van Herzle – Blue Hometown: Delhi, ON Ethnic background: Belgian and English Program: Concurrent Education, Primary Junior Birthday: July 13, 1994 Favourite artist/band: Jason Aldean, Blake Shelton and Ed Sheeran Favourite TV show: How I Met Your Mother Favourite food: chicken wings Favourite class: Children’s Literature and Women and […]

Conklin carnies come home

Conklin Carnival is back in its original home of Brantford with original equipment. Jim Conklin, current owner and grandson of Conklin Carnivals, decided to bring salvaged artifacts back to the heart of the carnival industry for public display. Amusement ride pieces, photographs and games from the 1950s, are only a few archives represented at the museum. […]