So who’s going down?

The real question is who is going down? Generally, females seem to be fine with going down on their partners. It seems to be perfectly fine for a female to give her partners oral pleasures. However, males seem to be a lot pickier about returning the favours.

I think this is ludicrous. It’s an atrocity. Don’t get me wrong though. I’m not implying that both partners should expect that from each other. I just feel like males that refuse to go down on their partners, and still demand it from their female partners are completely in the wrong. Although, if those are the rules that are set for a couple, then so be it. Females, just know that you are being deceived.

Reciprocation in a relationship is vital. Both partners should receive the same amounts of pleasure inside the bedroom. I’m not having a rant about male partners. I’m just stating that I’ve heard a lot more males talk about refusing to give their partners oral, than I have females. Personally, I don’t approve of this. If you are a female, I advise you to have this conversation with your male partner. Especially if he asks you for pleasures that he will not give you.

We can’t sit here and pretend that this isn’t another reinforcement of male supremacy. The typical ‘I’m a man so do what I say’ vibe is dying out. You shouldn’t bring that attitude into the bedroom.

Try to do things differently this Valentine’s Day. Chocolates and flowers are nice, but strengthening the connection with your partner is just as important. There is another rose that is worth appreciating. You’re really missing out if you haven’t been down there.

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