Top Ten Questions to ask a Potential Landlord

Kristen Curtis, Student Life editor

It is house touring season. If you are in first year, it is time to make plans for next year. Even if you are in an upper year, your living circumstances might have changed and you may find yourself searching for a new place to rent once again.
Other than the basic questions like how many bedrooms and bathrooms does a house have and what is the cost of the rent, there are some essential but less common questions that should be asked. Based on experience here are the top ten questions to ask a potential landlord:

10.) If I would like to, can I to paint the house/room?
9.) Is there any furniture included?
8.) How many refrigerators are there?
(Depending on the number of roommates you have, this could become an issue; unless you and your roommates eat out every night and do not need to store groceries in your fridge.)
7.) Does each bedroom have its own closet?
6.) How many cars can be parked here? Is there extra parking if it is needed?
5.) Why are your past tenants leaving?
(A landlord might be hesitant to answer this one – he or she might not know why her tenants are leaving or might know but not want to tell you. If the tenants are there you might want to ask them. There is nothing worse than renting a place and finding out that the past tenants left because the landlord is difficult to deal with.)
4.) Are there laundry facilities? If so, are they coin-operated?
(Coin operated laundry machines are an unexpected expense that adds up. This is most common in apartment buildings, as opposed to houses.)
3.) Am I expected to pay rent during the summer if I am not living here?
(Unfortunately, most landlords will expect you to; but some are more willing to give you a discounted rate during the summer if you will not be living in Brantford (since utilities will be cheap for them during this time).)
2.) Are my roommates and I expected to mow the lawn during the summer and shovel the snow during the winter?
1.) Are utilities, internet and cable included in the monthly rent price?

Be critical and cautious during your search. Good luck!

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