Top 5 ways to make your voice heard on campus

– Kristen Curtis, Student Life Editor

From political activism to drawing attention to a new campus club, it is key to find like minded students and support. So whether you’re frustrated by the potential WLUSU restructuring or trying to raise money to build a school on a First Nation’s reserve, this helpful guide is for you.

5.) Create or join a Facebook group.
An easy way to raise awareness, organize meetings or events and mobilize students. Be sure to check before you create a Facebook group to make sure that one has not been created already.
4.) Start a petition.
A very tradition yet effective approach as there is strength in numbers. There are many websites that allow you to create petitions for free. Depending on what your concern is, the petition can be sent to your Laurier, municipal, provincial or federal representative once you get enough support. Be sure to complete some research to ensure your petition is being sent to the correct people who will be most able to help you.
3.) Write a letter to the editor or an opinion piece.
The Sputnik publishes articles by students in our opinion section. If you have something to say, then write it out!
2.) Hold an event.
Whether your goal is to raise money or awareness, there are many creative events that can be held. Setting up a booth, distributing flyers or holding a themed party will get people talking and thinking about your issue.
1.) Run or vote in the election.
If you have the time, personality and ambition, I would encourage you to run in a Laurier election. If you do not have the time or interest, I would encourage you to vote. Attend question and answer periods and read all you can about the candidates. Find out how they feel and what they intend to do about your issue.
You have the power; go make a difference.

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