Ontario Craft Brewers

In recognition of this being a “Beer Issue” and our acknowledgement of the resurgence of craft brewers, The Sputnik has offered a list of some that we hope you will try.

Muskoka Brewery

The Muskokas may not necessarily bring to mind images of beer, instead focusing on the natural beauty of the area, but one of Ontario’s best craft breweries is located in Bracebridge. Celebrating their fifteenth year, Muskoka promises no additives, preservatives, or adjuncts in their brews. Try the Cream Ale, it’s one of the best-tasting beers I’ve ever had.

Grand River Brewing Company

Based out of Cambridge, Grand River Brewing offers five beers available at any time, as well as five seasonal beers. Their Galt Knife Old Style lager is a beer for anytime, while their special pumpkin beer is a nice addition for Thanksgiving or Halloween.

Beau’s All-Natural Brewing Company

One of the more prominent breweries in eastern Ontario, Beau’s specializes in all-natural beers. Running on pride of pure independence, Beau’s beer is a must for anyone visiting the Ottawa area. Their Lug-Tread Lagered Ale is acclaimed by beer critics across the province.

Mill Street Brewery

While likely the most renowned brewery on the list, don’t let the Toronto home of Mill Street confuse you. They are still a craft brewery, specializing in pushing the envelope and trying rather different combinations of beer. For those just getting into craft beers, try the Original Organic Lager, or for the more adventurous, give the Coffee Porter a whirl.

Cameron’s Brewing Company

Self-described “beer artistans,” Cameron’s is a lesser-known craft brewery situated just up the 403 in Oakville. Using only all-natural ingredients, Cameron’s prides itself on their dedication to the craft. Try their Cameron’s Lager, a previous bronze medal winner at the Beer World Cup, making it one of the top beers of its kind in the world.

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