Introducing Becca Carroll

Humanitarian and self-described student advocate Becca Carroll is set to fill the new position of the Dean of Students for the Laurier Brantford campus on the first of July. Carroll says, “I am someone who is very interested in the student experience. I value creating memories – learning in the classroom and outside of the classroom.”

Carroll’s early leadership experiences took place during her undergraduate studies at university when she lived in residence for four years. Living in close quarters with her peers helped her learn how to deal with crises and plan program events.

Carroll was also greatly involved in volunteer opportunities at her school. According to Carroll, “the learning outside of the classroom really shaped who I was as a leader and a person.”

Carroll continues to volunteer to this day. She regularly helps out at Hope’s Garden, an eating disorders support clinic in London, Ontario. In the past, Carroll has travelled to Winnipeg, Florida and Peru, working alongside a group of about 30 to 50 university students to assist communities in need, through building homes, working at a food bank and delivering medicine.

Whether she is working with students, administrators or individuals that she encounters when she volunteers locally or abroad, Carroll believes that one of her strengths is that she is able to, “put myself into their shoes. I try to get underneath why people are doing what they’re doing.”

In addition to her volunteer work, Carroll has a passion for music and art. She spends her free time enjoying theatre and the arts, and she is even on the board of music theatre productions in London, Ontario, and is a common attendee at the Fringe Festival held there.

In here new role at Laurier Brantford, Carroll would like to continue what she calls, “learning alongside students,” and mentioned that while there are many volunteer positions available for students in the community of Brantford, she will be looking into potential opportunities abroad as well.

Carroll offers some advice for first year students.

“This is a lifetime experience – being in the Brantford community and part of the student body,” she said. “I encourage students to get involved, whether it’s the school newspaper, student council or sports.”

Carroll would also like to let students know that, “I’d welcome a conversation from any student… I enjoy talking with students and learning who they are as people. I hope students see me as someone who is down-to-earth and approachable.” Though she has a busy schedule, Carroll plans to attend as many student events as she possibly can.

As someone who works hard for people who are struggling or in need, the Laurier Brantford community is likely to hear more about Carroll’s volunteer pursuits, adventures and successes once she officially takes over her new position.

Carroll encourages students to visit her at her new office, which will be on the second floor of the Student Centre.

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