Mixed Signals

Laurier Brantford students share their strategies on how to survive the flu season.

“Whatever my grandma tells me to do.” – Venetia Bodanis, Journalism student

“Vitamin C for the win!” – Navjot Kaila, Criminology student

“Drugs! The legal kind…and avoid children who wipe their nose with their hands.” – Katelyn Cook, Con-ed student

“Personally I go for hot tea, extra layers of clothing, and turning the thermostat up if it’s too low.” – Michelle Curtis, Pediatric Registered Nurse

“Whine to my roommates and drink lots of orange juice.” – Kristen Curtis, Journalism student

“Stay in bed and completely take advantage of not having to do a single thing. The best is when I go home and my mother will do everything for me.” – Amanda Nicolucci, Criminology student

“Curl up into a ball and die.” – Amanda Simpson, Criminology student

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