Five most difficult athletes

Last week, NFL wide receiver Randy Moss was dropped by the Minnesota Vikings despite being traded to the team from the Patriots less than four weeks prior. Moss criticized both his Vikings’ coach and teammates following a loss to the Patriots, which led to his being dropped.

It was more than just that, as earlier in the week, Moss had thrown a tantrum in the locker room over the quality of food that was catered to the players.

Now that Moss has been signed by the Tennessee Titans, here is a look at five of the most difficult pro athletes in the history of sports, commonly referred to as “locker room cancers.”

5. Vince Carter

Carter was once a hero in Toronto and, indeed, Canada. He brought high-flying moves and phenomenal skills to a young franchise that had not seen anything like it before. Then he became public enemy number one to Raptors’ fans. He consistently gave up and quit on his team, citing that the front office had left promises unfulfilled; it was obvious in his last years in Toronto that he simply did not care. It’s even rumoured that he gave plays to opposing teams. By the time he left, Toronto fans were happy to see him go. The hatred grew during the first round of the 2007 NBA Playoffs, when Carter led the New Jersey Nets past the Raptors, knocking Toronto out of the post-season.

4. Brett Favre

Another Minnesota Viking, Brett Favre has made himself an enemy of NFL fans over the past couple of years. Unlike the first (or second?) time that Favre flip-flopped on his decision to retire, fans just don’t seem to care anymore. While Favre may actually be weighing his options, his recurring decision to skip training camp and leave his team up in the air as to whether he will play leaves the Vikings in an awkward position, unsure if they have a quarterback or not until the very last minute. This year, when the players actually had to fly to Mississippi and bring him back to Minnesota to get him to sign, coupled with the fact that the team threw more money at Favre to get him to resign, it truly put a sour taste in the mouths of football fans. Favre’s legacy is likely to be a tainted one.

3. Ron Artest

Ron Artest is one crazy S.O.B. He is also one of the most outspoken and eccentric players in all of the NBA. He plays rough – some would say dirty – and when he is called out on it, he often refers to his “ghetto” culture and upbringing. He has admitted to drinking hard liquor in the locker room at halftime during his younger years with Chicago.

He also attended a practice wearing a bathrobe, destroyed cameras and is famous for his participation in the Malice in the Palace, a brawl between players of the Indiana Pacers, Detroit Pistons and Pistons’ fans in the crowd.

2. Sean Avery

Sean Avery is the bad-boy of the NHL. Some of his antics are, admittedly, amusing. When he waved his stick in the face of Martin Brodeur, many fans enjoyed a laugh. He plays the role of the pest, but has gone far beyond that. Picking up penalties and suspensions is not uncommon for Avery, which leaves his team short-handed. Disagreeing with coach and team policies is also not unusual, as was the reason for the New York Rangers letting Avery walk. Then, in Dallas, Avery stated that Calgary Flames defenseman Dion Phaneuf had fallen in love with Avery’s “sloppy seconds.” That cost him a hefty fine, a suspension and a trip to counseling. He was also released from the team.

1. Terrell Owens

“Get your popcorn ready.” Terrell Owens is undoubtedly one of the best wide receivers the NFL has ever seen, or at least he was in his younger years. He’s become infamous for throwing teammates and coaches under the bus, demanding a certain number of touches per game or else he gave up and soaked up media attention. Perhaps one of the most famous Owens moments was when he conducted a press conference after demanding a trade, all the while doing sit-ups in his driveway. Now, in his fourteenth year in the league, he is currently playing on his fifth team, and fourth in the last six years.

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