Best of Brantford

Best pint of beer?
Moose Winooski’s (

Cheapest cocktail?
Therapy, a close-to-campus spot with student specials every Tuesday night (search for “Therapy Lounge – Brantford” on Facebook).

Best place to party on a weekday night?
The Piston Broke is a stone’s throw from campus and offers a great pub atmosphere any night of the week (

Best off-campus spot to study?
Coffee Culture if you prefer indoors (, but sitting alongside the Grand River in good weather can be serene.

Best place to bring a date?
The John Peel Restaurant (48 Dalhousie Street, just past Harmony Square) if you’re looking for quiet and classy. Glenhyrst Gardens if you’ve got transportation (

Best cup of coffee?
William’s (located inside the Market Square mall, in between Market and Colborne) for the best bang for your buck. Grab a tiger brownie while you’re at it.

Best quick and dirty lunch spot?
It’s a toss up: Admirals (55 Dalhousie Street, right across from the Post Office) if you’re looking for a ton of fried food for cheap or Strodes ( if you’re more into home-cooked BBQ delights.

Classiest spot for a night out with the girls and/or boys?
West 111 ( A small but elegant and hip martini bar within walking distance of the campus.

Best spot for a quick snooze in between classes?
There’s a bunch – the Student Centre lounge, the Odeon basement lounge, or Lumberjack Lounge in Grand River Hall.

Best head shop?
Crazy Bill’s (76 Dalhouse Street, directly across from Coffee Culture and Harmony Square) offers an overwhelmingly wide assortment of pipes, hookahs, tobacco, and other smoking paraphernalia.

Best spot for entertainment?
Harmony Square puts on various shows throughout the year, but your best bet for regular concerts and live entertainment is the Ford Plant ( or the Sanderson Centre (

Best spot to people-watch?
The benches in Victoria Park. Alternatively, the top floor of the library peering out onto Market Street (for the shyer voyeurs).

Toughest course?
Reasoning and Argumentation (PP 201) is a popular soul-crusher.

Easiest course?
World in the 21st Century (CT 121) is simple if you’ve got a decent memory.

Smartest prof?
We were split many ways on this one. Some popular answers: Dave Haskell, Gary Warrick, Andrew Robinson, and Thomas Rose.

Most fun prof?
Another close call, but Rick Gamble got the most votes.

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