Sex 101: A trip to the Love Shop

If you haven’t heard, the Love Shop has moved. If your next question is “what’s the Love Shop?”, we’ve got a lot of work to do before you gain your credit in Sex 101.

The Love Shop is one of Brantford’s best sex shops where you’re able to buy all the goodies you need to satisfy yourself and your partner. The new store is located at 216 King George Road and is approximately a 10-minute drive from campus. The store is surprisingly elegant and classy with a comfortable atmosphere that will put you at ease the moment you step inside.

There is something for everyone here. For the shy or newly established couples, there are plenty of great games to get the night started. Not bold enough to indulge in “A Hot Affair”? You can always try a “Sexy Treasure Hunt,” or the ever-popular and aptly-named “Sex Game.”

For those with a more fearless sexual appetite, there are tons of toys to make your wildest fetish dreams comes true. The store features a variety of ball gags, leather hoods with leashes, and even cuffs or tape for those into bondage. I must admit though, I was slightly baffled at the sight of ankle cuffs—how are you supposed to “hit that” if her legs are stuck together?

The rest of my readers probably fit somewhere more in the middle. This is the category I fall into, with fetish play being a little too much and sex games not quite enough. The store caters mostly to this audience, with rows of vibrators, dongs, and dildos galore. You can find plenty of reasonably priced lube, body paints and costumes to make your bedroom antics something to remember.

Whatever your sexual pleasure or deviancy may be, it’s sure to be found at the Love Shop. Whether you’re on a tight student budget or you’ve got money to blow (pun intended), there are options for everyone. After spending nearly an hour in the store, I settled on a little beauty that’s had me forgetting why they made men. Thank you, Love Shop!

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