Ontario to unite children and the outdoors

The Ontario government encourages kids to get outside and be active with the new Ontario Children’s Outdoor Charter. Ontario is the first province in Canada to develop an outdoor charter for children and youth. Survey results found that 70 per […]

Halloween safety

A gentle breeze rustles as the sun sets; creatures begin lurking in the dark under a pale moonlight. Not a single light can be seen, with the exception of a few flickering jack-o-lanterns. That’s when everyone knows it’s that time […]

Laurier hosts Fire Safety Week

It’s Fire Prevention Week, and this year’s fire safety campaign aims to get students spreading the word about preventing kitchen fires. “Kitchen fires often occur due to someone leaving the kitchen for only a few minutes,” said Philip Teskey, Laurier’s […]

Man, I’m so depressed

I’ll be honest. When I’m stressed about an upcoming exam that I’ve hardly read any of the relevant material for, or when I’m looking outside and see storm clouds in the distance, or when I’m generally just bummed out one […]

My friend, Hitler

I wasn’t sure if shock was the appropriate word, or amazement, or even anger for what I read one day while online. As a bit of context, my late grandfather, as well as my step-father’s father, both fought in World […]