Students open exhibit at Brantford Museum

The Brantford Museum
Photo by Cody Hoffman

As of March 21st, 2013 the Brantford Historical Society on Charlotte Street, hosts the grand opening of three new exhibits. This museum of archives has much to show off about local history including photography, hats and clothing that have never been displayed here before. Students from the University of Toronto working on their Masters in Museum Studies have created the ‘tip of the hat’ display. Chelsea Carss the curator at the museum said these students have been chosen to create these displays and Brantford will host them for three months.

This ‘tip of the hat’ display, created by Angharad Wenz, Marie-Claire Eylott, Ceiridwen Robbins, and Ashley Machenzie is their way of ‘painting pictures and ideas’ for people, because everyone learns in a different way, with different textiles, you can choose your own way to learn.

The three exhibits featured are community based, incorporating the present and the past. They work to make past relevant and present relatable, and special. As part of the exhibit pictures from people around town were taken in order to blend into their work.

These ambitious students want everyone to be aware of museum studies. They are all in this for different reasons some including; the advancement of technology and getting museums more involved in communities, opening the eyes of the public and creating outreach and education in many different areas is crucial for the survival of museums. All of the girls involved in the creation of this hat exhibit come from completely different undergraduate degrees.

“The Brantford Historical Society shares the stories of your community because your history matters,” said Chelsea Carss. Also a graduate from the University of Toronto Masters in Museum studies Chelsea said, a common comment I hear is “I can’t imagine what you do in a museum all day, ‘You’d be surprised.’”

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