Masks on campus: Yay or Nay?

Masks have been a large part of our everyday lives for almost the last three years now. While there has been some progress in the case numbers from the pandemic going down, there is still the threat of symptoms and cases worsening again, especially when living in a country with a colder climate.  

The rules and mandates that have been in place over the course of the pandemic have been changed and altered as we went through waves of COVID-19.  

Having masks on campus in more spaces may be beneficial coming into the holiday season especially. Many people are going to be going home soon for the holidays to spend time with their families. Staying healthy and wearing a mask may be the best option.  

 Having masks on while in close contact with friends and classmates is so far something that has been a good thing for us.  

 Canada has its coldest season coming fast. The common cold and the flu are always a part of Canadian culture in this season. Wearing masks has helped to keep the spreading of Covid-19, why can’t it help with the other illnesses that come to Canada in the winter weather? 

 If wearing a mask is going to help me be safe and healthy enough to see my elderly grandparents and baby cousins, I see no reason why we should not wear them. We need to keep ourselves and the Wilfrid Laurier University community safe as well. If everyone is getting sick and the cases of Covid-19 go up, then the school may have to shut down again.  

 Everyone is, of course, wanting to get life back to normal as fast as possible and no one enjoys wearing masks, especially after running up the stairs to get to class. 

 Most of us prefer to have classes in-person rather than online…right? It has been better than online school in solitude for everyone’s mental health. Human interaction is something we all need to get through the day. Masks are not as bad as being stuck on Zoom for a three-hour long lecture.  

 There has been a lot of progress to make things better and get back to normal everyday lives, but Covid-19 is still around. While we are adults and can make sure we wash our hands and do all of the correct safety procedures, would it not be better to be safe rather than sorry? 

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