Kanwar Brar hopes to become Laurier’s next Student Union president

Brantford – Laurier’s Student Union’s single president candidate Kanwar Brar, spoke in the Research and Academic Center (RCW) on Jan. 23, addressing questions from the student body.

Questions were asked by students in the lobby of RCW, through Twitter and other means of social media.

Brar explained that he would be best suited for presidency, despite being the only candidate, because he wants to, “bring new perspectives and offer new change.”

Both Brar and Deborah MacLatchy, the new president of Laurier, are new to their positions and Brar says he looks forward to what they can offer Laurier together.

With the increasing awareness in regards to mental health issues universities are putting a lot of importance on services that can help students and faculty deal with them. Brar was asked what he will do differently if he is elected to make sure these services are being promoted enough so individuals know they are there.

“One thing I want to do, is make sure all the resources that exist on campus, both Waterloo and Brantford, [are] well connected. For mental health, the goal is that we are not competing against one another. We all have our different affiliations [with mental health] and we are a part of different groups. So how can we bridge the gap, bring those groups together and use those resources more effectively?” said Brar.

When asked what the best thing about both the Waterloo and Brantford campuses are, Brar had a quick response with how Laurier separates themselves from other schools.

“It’s our commitment to volunteering in the community we’re in that makes Laurier great all together, regardless of what campus. Sure, we’re here for four or five years, we graduate with a certificate of some kind or a diploma or a degree, but I think in those four or five years, what make both the Waterloo and Brantford campuses great, is students are committed to doing more than just the minimal,” said Brar.

Brar spoke fondly of both the Waterloo and Brantford campuses, saying they were full of school spirit.

“I remember coming her first year, and I was really nervous. I was really scared because I came from a high school where getting involved was looked down upon because it wasn’t a cool thing to do. Then I came here and I saw all the enthusiasm and the passion,” said Brar. “We are in a community where we are not scared to get involved because we know every single one of us supports one another.”

Brar is excited for what is to come next and hopes he is able to show Laurier what he can offer. He stated that he is striving to become president because he feels that everyone should strive to succeed and continue to grow. He also feels he can relate to students and be able to help the Laurier community grow as a whole.

“I have the ability to understand where others come from,” said Brar.

The voting will take place on Jan. 24 2017 at 8 a.m.

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