Goal Setting in Sports


Accomplishing the goals one sets out delivers the feelings of fulfillment and happiness.

Knowing what you want to achieve and the steps you need to take to reach your goals, can help ease the process of achieving this fate.

In sports, all organizations carry a set of values and goals which they look to uphold and achieve.

For athletes, specific goal setting helps with the idea of working towards something bigger than themselves.

“My fitness goal this year was to focus on being healthy and getting in shape. Going to the gym five days a week and working on my fitness with soccer practice will help me with this process,” said Ethan Poole, a first-year student at Laurier Brantford.

Having a plan beforehand allows for everything in-between to be easier to deal with. Knowing there will be bumps throughout the process, an action plan is pivotal to ensuring one does not quit early on during adversity.  

Building discipline is key to attaining goals, as motivation can only take people so far when trying to complete something long-term. 

Creating habits that promote positive reinforcement allows you to establish the discipline needed to move forward. Since there are times, people may become discouraged or have setbacks, developing the trait of mental toughness can help overcome and push forward during difficult times.

“Mental toughness in my opinion is the most important aspect of this process. Having patience and resilience during the tougher days is essential in reaching your goals,” said Poole.

Accomplishing your goals is not a simple process. It takes hard work, dedication, and a willingness to be uncomfortable to allow yourself to grow and improve.

“Mental toughness is the most important to me because it allows you to perform at your full potential under pressure, while also remaining calm and being able to bounce back from obstacles and mistakes,” said Godiva Collins, player for the Laurier Brantford Men’s soccer team.

Being under pressure can be the test in showing where you are along your journey because it can reveal information that you are unaware of at the time. Pressure moments can reveal weaknesses you may have and allow you to develop them accordingly.

While goal setting has become a staple in athletes’ careers, it is also applicable to students who strive to accomplish goals, just in a different avenue.

Laurier encourages all students and athletes to identify the goals they have for the year and make the sacrifices necessary to make them happen.

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