EIC Hiring

Now Hiring: Editor-in-Chief, 2021/2022

WLUSP is hiring for Editor-in-Chief of The Sputnik. This paid part time position consists of:

  • Running a online and print publication for the Laurier Brantford Campus
  • Leading volunteers and staff through trainings and oversight in their articles
  • Making sure things run smoothly with social media and photography
  • Keep on top of news ideas and pitches from writers
  • Managing the online side of the publication’s website
  • Host meetings and answer questions
  • Provide 15 hr a week (minimum) to this position
  • Hiring, firing and making the budget to run The Sputnik
  • Make sure The Sputnik is growing and maintaining an image as LB independent student newspaper

This is a shortened and not official list of responsibilities.

All are welcome to apply. More information on how to apply can be found at WLUSP’s website.