Dozens Rally in Vic Park in protest of robocall

– Matt Mente, News Editor

Prompted by the outrage surrounding the ongoing “robocalling” issue, about 45 Brantford residents gathered in Victoria Park to voice their discontent.

The gathering was part of a larger series of nationwide protests arranged by Democracy Canada.

People began gathering early in the afternoon. Brantford NDP representative Marc Laferriere was present for a  short time and was quick to point out that the meeting wasn’t affiliated with any political party.

Brant Labour Union Vice-President Don Guest was also present at the gathering the Brant Labour Union helped to promote the gathering.

Guest expressed his support for the protestors stating, “we like to think of ourselves as a little bit different from Americans.”

However, he pointed out this occurrence wasn’t much different from the grandstanding and attack ads used in American campaigns.

Some time after the protest bega,n local organizer Roy Smolsai took centre stage, addressing the crowd.

He spoke about the current state of affairs in Canadian government claiming that, “our democracy is being replaced with something we don’t want.”

He went on to decry recent government actions, particularly how Canada is being viewed on the international stage stating that, “Tyranny anywhere is tyranny everywhere.”

Finally, he asked that everyone hold politicians accountable for their actions. After Smolsai spoke, numerous other individuals took turns speaking to the crowd.

Though many people related their own personal experiences and ideals, the overwhelming message was clearly that ‘we have a voice.’

Though this was a small individual gathering it was one of dozens across the country it remains a sign of discontent among Canadian citizens and dissatisfaction with the actions of Harpers conservative government.

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