DIY Costume Ideas

-Melina Major, Staff

Do you ever get stuck trying to think of what to be for Halloween? To make your life easier, here are three costumes ideas that will surely make you the talk of  any Halloween party.

1. A Cupcake

What You Do: Find cardboard that has ridges in it large enough to fit around your body. Cut a strip and make a circle big enough to fit around your hips. This will sit on your hips and be the wrapper of your cupcake. Paint it white, light blue or yellow. Next, glue some straps to it. The straps will allow the costume to hang off your shoulders. Now, for your frosting. Wear a tank top or muscle shirt and glue pink fabric all around the top of your chest. Glue some glitter on the fabric for sprinkles. Now you’re a delicious cupcake. Optional:  Make a cherry headband by gluing a fake foam cherry to black headband.

2. A Crayon.

What You Do: If you’re a girl, all you need is a brightly coloured strapless dress and some felt. If you’re a guy, you’ll need a large piece of felt. Once you’re wearing the dress (girls) or have the felt wrapped around your body (guys) take black felt and cut out the designs on the crayon (like the Crayola symbol, for example) and hot glue gun it on the middle of your body. Once you’ve finished that, take some more felt the same colour as the bottom of your crayon and make a little hat for the tip of your crayon by rolling the felt into a cone shape then attaching it to a headband or an elastic so it will stay in place. Put on some shoes that are the same colour as your body and you’ll be ready to paint the town…Or colour it, rather.

3. Rubik’s Cube

What You Do: First, find a box big enough for your whole body. Cut holes for your arms and head and make sure your legs fit through the bottom. Leave the bottom flaps open. Cover the whole entire box in black spray paint. Get red, green, yellow, blue and white construction paper and cut nine 5 inch pieces of each colour. Use double-sided tape to attach the coloured squares to the box, leaving about an inch of black between each square. Now you’ve got yourself a costume that everyone will want to spend the night solving.

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