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Youth Trends

Frightening Because I Got High A German study has found that young adults who use cannabis may have an increased risk of having psychotic experiences later in their lives. Dr. Jim van Os of Masstrich University Medical Center in the […]

Trashy art

Finding your inner environmentalist as an artist can be tough. Shylene Calla is a mosaicist and sculptor who enjoys the challenge of creating works of art using old and recycled things. Calla’s love for making the old new again is […]

Youth Trends

Disturbing: Only whites need apply? A new independently funded Texas scholarship offered by a group called the Former Majority Association for Equality is raising controversy by limiting allowed applicants to a certain minority group – Caucasian male students. The scholarship’s […]

The new news source

Commercials, repetition, and pointless “fluff” sold as serious content – with all of these distractions, it’s no wonder that so many young people are investing in alternate news sources for their information. From blogs to online discussion boards, there a […]

Sounds Good!

Architects – The Here and Now This album’s sound has a bass driving, snare-snapping beat that hooks ears. When the drums halt, screaming vocals are given a backdrop of melodic guitars and heavy bass. The song names are less than […]

The Sputnik: Applications

Wilfrid Laurier University Student Publications, WLUSP, is Laurier’s offical autonomous, student-run media organization. A non-profit corporation, WLUSP is best known for the publications it produces that serve both campuses. Over the past eighty years, Student Publications has been proud to […]

Youth Trends

Totally Badass Parents should play video games with their teenage daughters In the past, research has always showed that playing video games is actually a detriment to a teenager’s health, but one recent study actually proves that girls who played […]

Sounds good!

Single Lady Gaga – “Born This Way” The anticipated and long-awaited single, “Born This Way,” was released last Friday. However, after giving it a spin, I’ve made a huge discovery: Born This Way was actually released 22 years ago under […]