How long is too long?

I’m sure most students have experienced three-hour lectures sometime throughout their career at Laurier, since they seem impossible to avoid. I personally cannot stand them. I find myself mentally checking out after the first hour. Maybe I just have bad luck since […]

The Mindy Project was dissapointing

A few weeks ago, I finally finished watching “The Mindy Project”. Before you even ask, yes I know the series finale aired almost a year ago. I was just too busy watching “The Office” for the thousandth time to get […]

Brantford is more than just ‘tolerable’

“Brantford” and “beautiful”: two words that are never used in the same sentence, as I learned very quickly as a first-year. Coming from a small town surrounded by rolling hills and quaint villages, I found myself fitting right in with the hordes of […]

Goodbye to being a student

Leaving Laurier means leaving behind a part of my identity.   This coming June my graduating class and I will walk across the stage at the Sanderson Centre and receive our long awaited diplomas.   Our journey to this point has been […]

I don’t hate the city of Brantford

Brantford doesn’t suck.   As a Laurier Brantford student myself, I understand the weird relationship between Laurier students and Brantford as a city. After spending the last four years in this place I have noticed a trend. Where there is great […]

Are the winter blues getting you down?

Winter is known for many things: icey roads, a copious amount of shovelling, cancelled classes, and being a nearly impossible season for fashion. However, the most sinister result of this time of year is the winter blues.  Mental health has […]

TV consumption is good for society

An opinion article last week warned students to audit their on-screen heroes and be wary of one’s attachment to TV shows. I challenge you to do the opposite, celebrate your passion without filter.  TV, movies and video games are the […]

Demonization of Persia in History

A wise poet, George Santayana, once said, “Those who fail to learn from the mistakes of their predecessors are destined to repeat them”, but what if this focus on our predecessors is also a mistake?  In North America, we tend to study two things: ourselves […]

How grades overshadowed my learning

To this day, we have spent most of our lives inside the classroom, learning new material then being judged on how well we have learned it.  Education has been brought up in many lectures throughout different schools, and I’m sure that at one […]

Technology: obstructing communication

It’s 2017 and now, more than ever before, we’re using technology to communicate with others in our everyday lives. Along with all the conveniences technology has brought society, it has also made it easier to separate ourselves from our actions, leaving no connection between our […]