Do dreams die?

Remember when “What do you want to be when you grow up?” wasn’t such a dreadful question… As kids, we answered that question with an excited voice, a wide smile, and a determined twinkle in our eyes. We probably rambled […]

Student housing 101

As May approaches, many first years — especially those who have been living in residence — are looking for places to live. Student housing is has become a business with many websites dedicated to helping match students with landlords. However, […]

Medicine making

Everyday products that we buy from grocery stores always have a cleaner and greener alternative. After sitting down with the medicine making class in Laurier’s Aboriginal Student House,  learned how to make the most natural alternative to heal that pesky […]

Brewing with Bell City

Craft breweries are integrated in many local communities’ cultures and within student cultures. Brantford has its own craft beer culture with Bell City Brewing Company. Dennis Marijan is the co-founder of Bell City which started in 2013, and now has […]