Break-in spree hits Brantford streets

Numerous car break-ins have happened in the Brantford area recently. Items stolen ranged from things such as loose change and technological devices to sunglasses and wallets.

“We call them crimes of opportunity,” said Constable Natalie Laing of the Brantford Police Service. “When someone is walking by and they see something in plain view and it could be something as simple as loose change. It could be a couple of toonies and that could be enough to entice a thief or person to go into your vehicle.”

Police encourage citizens to report break-ins even if nothing is stolen because it is still a criminal offence to break into a vehicle. Reports enable the police to track occurrences and be able to take appropriate preventive measures.

Citizens should also keep personal documents including vehicle registrations and insurance slips with them at all times. “Never keep anything in plain view,” said Const. Laing. That includes items like cords and mounts. “If you have a mount there, that’s an indicator that the car is equipped with a GPS. You hide that GPS underneath your seat with the mount in plain view, somebody might think there’s a GPS in there and still go for it, even though you’re trying to prevent it. It’s trying to think like a thief.”

While recent incidents have happened overnight, Const. Laing said, “With the nice weather coming up, we like to remind people to lock their car doors and windows.”

Look, lock and leave is the campaign that the Brantford Police Service has initiated to remind citizens to be aware. “Look around your vehicle, lock it up before you leave,” said Const. Laing.

Citizens are encouraged to report car break-ins to police even if small items have been stolen and to take preventive measures.

Anyone with information regarding break and enters or thefts from vehicles in Brantford is asked
to contact the Brantford Street Crimes Unit at 519-756-0113 ext. 2286.

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