The Sputnik

A&E Corner

Warm Bodies – Amber Richardson Warm Bodies is a new release, and I suggest catching it in theaters while it’s still out. While the whole zombie thing is a little…ok, a lot…overplayed, this was a lovely change to the normal […]

MLS troubles put students in limbo

MyLearningSpace (MLS), the online learning system at Wilfrid Laurier University that houses the majority of the institution’s courses, lecture notes, assignment guidelines and assignment submission boxes experienced an immense system failure throughout this past week. Crashes, slow load times and […]

On my plate

Reviewing the mouth watering, the memorable and the mistakes of on-campus dining. Establishment: The Pantry Café, once a hidden-away feature of Brantford’s courthouse has revamped its service and clientele by moving on campus. The Dalhousie Street establishment masters the soup […]

The Mouthpiece: The not-so-little campus that could

Do you remembering registering for Laurier’s small, quaint, Brantford campus? Do you remember the selling feature “one-on-one time with professors” being drilled into your ambitious grade 12 mind? And despite the mid-sized first year classes, you’re still anticipating the discussion-based […]

Slaying the frosh 15

The threat of the “Frosh 15” begins to loom over the heads of first year university students from the time we start applying to schools. This phenomenon refers to the tendency of university students to gain up to 15 unwanted […]

Health and Fitness

Have you ever thought about getting in shape, becoming more athletic, or simply wanted to eat healthier, but you have no idea where to start?  I’m here to help. For every issue of The Sputnik here on out, I’ll be […]