Nathanael Lewis

Nathanael Lewis is the Brantford Manager of Operations [BMO], based out of the WLUSP Brantford office. Before becoming the BMO, Nathanael was a volunteer with The Sputnik and eventually became the News Editor. He is currently in the Honours Journalism program at Laurier Brantford, looking to graduate in 2016. Nathanael enjoys spending time with his fiance and biking along the Grand River trails.

New report urges for cyber bullying law

A report presented by the Coordinating Committee of Senior Officials (CCSO) Cybercrime Working Group has been presented to all government levels for consideration. The report released in June was sent to ministers responsible for justice and public safety. It urged that the Criminal […]

Young man drowns in Grand River

Wednesday night, the Brantford Police Service received a missing person report for a 17-year-old Brantford resident. Brent Brading-Searles went missing Wednesday afternoon after going with friends down to the Grand River behind Earl Haig Park to celebrate the end of […]

Golden Hawks graduate

Over the course of three convocations and two very full days, over 500 Laurier Brantford students were awarded degrees from Wilfrid Laurier University Brantford. From June 18 – 19, Students arrived at RCW to get dress in black robes and […]

Brantford Police bust grow-op

Four people have been charged with drug-related offences after a large grow-op bust in a residence on Hawthorne Lane. Jason Ball, 25, Charles Zammitti, 27, Adam Stelmaszynki, 26, and Rudis Portillo have all been charged with possession and trafficking of […]

Vandalism at Brantford cemetery

On the afternoon of Sunday, June 9, the Brantford Police Service responded to a vandalism complaint at Mount Hope Cemetery on Charing Cross Street. Around 1 a.m. the police received a call from a concerned citizen reporting they had heard […]