Emily Ernst

The epidemic of social media reposting

Hello Snapchatters, Instagrammers, round the clock texters and the other screen slaves who were not addressed in the previous three titles. I am here today to tell you about a social epidemic that has plagued social media platforms. Yes, I […]

Mandatory Indigenous studies classes

I remember the first time I heard the land acknowledgement crackle through the decades-old speaker in my Grade 12 English class after morning announcements. I recall being confused and somewhat irritated with the puzzled whispers and murmurs that engulfed the […]

Chocolate scams in a heart-shaped box

There is nothing romantic about Valentine’s Day. Yup, I said it. Let’s face it: you know it’s true. Take a second; brush the sequins out of your eyes, pry the rose from between your teeth, turn down the Marvin Gaye vinyl and pull […]

Brantford is more than just ‘tolerable’

“Brantford” and “beautiful”: two words that are never used in the same sentence, as I learned very quickly as a first-year. Coming from a small town surrounded by rolling hills and quaint villages, I found myself fitting right in with the hordes of […]