Cody Groat

Losing a plane in the 21st century

After Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was reported missing at 2:40 MST (Malaysia Standard Time), I feel I asked myself the same question thousands of others around the world did as well. How, in 2014, can we simply lose a 63.7 […]

Man, I’m so depressed

I’ll be honest. When I’m stressed about an upcoming exam that I’ve hardly read any of the relevant material for, or when I’m looking outside and see storm clouds in the distance, or when I’m generally just bummed out one […]

My friend, Hitler

I wasn’t sure if shock was the appropriate word, or amazement, or even anger for what I read one day while online. As a bit of context, my late grandfather, as well as my step-father’s father, both fought in World […]

Is O-Week still cool?

Orientation week last year sort of let me down, but in its defense, it may be partially my fault. I mean, it was cool seeing Shawn Hooke and Down With Webster. That day in O-Week was my first concert ever, […]

Beauty is a beast

I think a lot of people were pleased, as was I, with Disney’s decision of making one of their latest princesses a little different than the “traditionally beautiful” previous ones. Now, I know that sounds weird, seeing as they’re cartoon. […]

Welcome back, Joseph Ratzinger

A picture spread around the world. Some had seen it before, but the press hardly ran it. It depicts a young German boy with a grim look on his face, and a bird-bearing swastika on his lapel. Later, the name […]

Standing against rape

Collectively, the movies A Clockwork Orange, Gran Torino, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo earned roughly $529 million at the box office. Besides a wide fan base, these films, which have release dates ranging from 1971 to 2011, also […]