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Brantford: The rebirth of a community

A growing university and a revitalized downtown core have worked to create a sense of community that Brantford hasn’t seen in almost 20 years. The economic recession in the early 1990’s and the loss of the city’s main industry left […]

Unemployment on the rise in Niagara region

The closing of Big Lots and Myers Industries paired with severe winter conditions may be the cause in an unemployment spike. The spike was announced in March after February numbers were officially released. “Two factors during the last month likely […]

Coming out: Ellen Page

I freakin’ love the movie Juno, I wish there was a classier way to express my particular sentiments for the film, but that exact word “freakin’” sums it up perfectly.  Canadian born actress Ellen Page flawlessly embodied the starring character […]

From no coast to West Coast

Imagine waking up one morning and following through with what you’ve been dreaming about doing, whether it’s going on that special vacation, finally pushing for that career you’ve always wanted or just packing everything you own into a suitcase and […]

More jobs coming to Brantford

A protein sports supplement factory will bring more jobs to the Brantford area in the near future. NutraBlend Foods is amongst the four newest companies receiving financial support from the Southwestern Ontario Development Fund. “The government’s Southwestern Ontario Development Fund […]

Don’t watch the Olympics

Imagine yourself in this scenario: You are with your friends are at a restaurant, there is a gay couple at the door and the hostess refuses them entry. You ask the waiter why they were turned away and he replies […]

Detoxification centre to come to Brantford

  The city of Brantford will be home to a residential withdrawal management and addiction treatment centre this upcoming year. M.P.P. Dave Levac pressed the government with support for a detoxification-rehabilitation centre after stating that this was a need as […]

Celebrity fad diets

New Year, new you … right? You’ve probably been mulling over potential resolutions since mid-Christmas dinner, when that darling food baby swelled in your stomach (feel free to blame Grandma). Your New Year’s resolutions probably revolve around putting down the […]