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Ontario Colleges enter strike week 3

Tensions are rising across the province as Oct 30 marks the third week of the Ontario college strike.  And yet, the crowd of Conestoga instructors protesting outside Odeon is a big as ever, if not growing.   The strike is a result of the Ontario Public Service […]

Demonization of Persia in History

A wise poet, George Santayana, once said, “Those who fail to learn from the mistakes of their predecessors are destined to repeat them”, but what if this focus on our predecessors is also a mistake?  In North America, we tend to study two things: ourselves […]

XC slays the weekend

The Laurier Brantford varsity Cross Country team had their best showing of all time on Saturday, September 30th at Seneca College (King City campus).   The men’s team finished 4th overall, with Ahad Naim leading the boys with a 7th place finish. The women placed 6th overall with Jessa Braun leading the girls, finishing in 11th place.   “I’m extremely […]

How grades overshadowed my learning

To this day, we have spent most of our lives inside the classroom, learning new material then being judged on how well we have learned it.  Education has been brought up in many lectures throughout different schools, and I’m sure that at one […]


Presidential Candidates: I am a 4th year Political Science student pursuing the position of President & CEO because I believe in enhancing the student experience at Laurier. My initiatives are focused around five pillars of: Student Experience, Advocacy, Communication, Transparency […]

Fail Again, Fail Better

  “The best revenge is success.” I always remind myself of this quote when I encounter people who judge and doubt me. Being in my last semester of my undergraduate degree, I have faced many doubts, challenges and limitations. It’s […]

Death wanted a sharper blade

Scissors are not a great suicide tool. I found this out first hand, lying on the floor of my bedroom – or bathroom, I’ve tried multiple times – scraping the scissors down my wrist. Maybe I just have a dull […]

Who Needs Saving?

Recently an ad popped up in my internet browser that read, “Missionaries in Africa – Saving Lives & Spreading the Gospel”. Considering I had just returned from West Africa my curiosity spiked. I clicked the link and read “Our driving […]