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Last week Wilfrid Laurier University Student Union held the school’s first virtual art showcase exhibition to honour all the amazing work that Golden Hawks have created this past school year from 2020-2021. 


Anna Winge Breen, a Laurier student, came in second place. Winge Breen is in her second year studying neuroscience and psychology. This background has led to some unique art pieces exploring human emotions and consciousness.


Winge Breen submitted four pieces in the virtual art showcase. 


  • Art by Anna Winge Breen


My goal as an artist is to explore human consciousness and emotions. This ranges from a variety of things such as exploring our relationship with technology to the concept of mortality to appreciating moments in nature” said Winge Breen.


Winge Breen’s art has significant meaning behind them as she is very deliberate with what she creates. 


“One of my pieces was a pixelated portrait of Sylvia Plath painted with acrylics. This piece was a part of a series I did about individuals and culture being immortalized through technology,” said Winge Breen. 


Pixelated portrait of Sylvia Plath by Anna Winge Breen


Winge Breen has been creating art ever since she was little and has always been surrounded and supported by artistic people. 


“My mom is an artist and designer, and my dad is a musician. I grew up surrounded by creative people, which impacted my journey as an artist. Since I was really little, I’ve been making art but found my voice once I took high school art classes. My high school had some incredible art teachers who inspired me,” said Winge Breen. 


Since art is practically a part of Winge Breen’s genes, it is no surprise that she hopes to continue exploring and growing as an artist in the future. 


“I know I’ll always be doing art in some form or another since it’s so integral to who I am. Creating makes me feel whole,” said Winge Breen. 


Winge Breen’s future goals are to find a lot of exploring both in art styles and herself as an artist. 


“My goals for the next few years are to try as many styles as possible and to figure out what fits me the best. I want to perfect my art skills and find my voice as an artist. So lots of practice will be my goal for the next while,” said Winge Breen.


Winge Breen is a talented Golden Hawk that students can expect to see in many future exhibitions. To stay up to date and support a local artist, follow Winge Breen on Instagram @annawingeart.jpeg.


Students can still access the art showcase at to see what other student artists came up with this year.

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