A medicine ball workout for couples

Need a way to spice up your gym life? Looking for motivation to even set foot in the weight room? In search of a fun, active and unique date for you and your Valentine? 

Below is a series of medicine ball exercises that are perfect for a spunky gym date with your partner. In fact, it doesn’t even need to be done at the gym. If you have one or two medicine balls at home, these exercises are simple enough to do anywhere, anytime. 

This workout is also entirely doable with a friend if you are single or your partner does not want to go to the gym. 

Complete each exercise for a full minute and run through this circuit two to three times. This workout will cause your relationship to become even stronger (no pun intended). 

Heart-to-Heart Med Ball Passes: Stand about four metres apart. Bring the medicine ball close to your chest. Like a chest pass in basketball, throw the ball to your partner’s chest. Keep throwing the ball back and forth. 

Lunges of Love: Stand about a foot apart, facing each other and each holding a medicine ball. While your right leg lunges backwards, your partner’s left leg lunges forward. Then your partner’s left leg lunges backwards and your right leg lunges forwards. Keep repeating. After thirty seconds, switch legs. 

Relationship Tension: Hold onto the handles of a resistance running band while your partner stands in front of you, holding a medicine ball, with the middle of the band around their pelvis area. Your partner runs forward while you lean back and pull lightly on the resistance band. After thirty seconds, you become the runner and your partner becomes the resistance. 

Med Ball Tango: Sit down back to back. Shape your bodies in “V” formations and raise your feet slightly off the ground. Twist and pass the medicine ball to your partner, who will twist with it and pass it back to you on your other side. At thirty seconds, switch direction. 

Push-Up Party: Get into push-up position side by side, your partner on your right side, with enough room for each of you to go down into a push-up. Begin with the medicine ball under your right hand and do a push-up. Then roll the med ball to your left hand and complete two push-ups. The ball is then rolled back to your right hand to do one more push-up. Once that’s completed, roll the ball to your partner’s left hand and your partner completes the same procedure while you wait in plank position.  

“I Got Your Back” Squats: Do regular squat procedure (heels, knees and shoulders all in line, toes pointed slightly out, weight on your heels), but lean on your partner’s back as you squat up and down. Both partners complete the exercise simultaneously.  

Toe Much Love: Stand about a foot apart, facing each other, with the med ball on the ground between you. At the same time as your partner and as quick as you can, tap the top of your half of the med ball with your left toe, right toe, left toe, right toe…. 

Good Morning, Sunshine: Facing each other, get into regular sit-up stance with your toes touching your partner’s. You hold a medicine ball while your partner does not. Complete a sit up in unison. When you come back up, toss the med ball to your partner. Then you both complete a sit up again. After that your partner tosses the ball back to you, and so on. 





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